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The first time I saw the man I was with my friend. We were in the seasonal section of the big box store during back-to-school time. My friend was perusing through some notebooks.

It would be unrealistic to say the man approached like a hurricane or a stampede of water buffalo. Regardless, he was walking very fast. He reached the end-cap of the aisle where small, milk carton-shaped boxes of Goldfish crackers were on display in a jumbled bin. Mechanically, his arms pulled and twisted these boxes and within seconds the bin was organized. The intensity of his face captivated my friend and I until he finished and hurriedly left. We giggled.

The second time, we were at the same store checking out. I can’t remember what we were buying. The cashier was ringing us up when I looked over and saw the man again, organizing bags of Goldfish at the end-cap of a checkout lane. I nudged my friend and she watched with me. Again, the affair only took seconds before the man darted back into the depths of the store. We asked the cashier if she’d seen him before and when she said she hadn’t, we told her about our first run-in with the man. She said that it was weird, and then offered us a store credit card.

I’m not sure why this man seemed so upset with the disorganization of Goldfish products. Any ideas? I haven’t seen him since that second encounter, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do. I know you love a good mystery



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